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A cool, artistic theme can be hard to find without the artistic side overpowering the content side. It is important to keep your content first and foremost, this is the point of the site to being with. For a fun, artistic theme that puts your content first, look no further than Snowglass.

Snowglass is a free theme designed by NodeThirtyThree. I absolutely love the light blue circle design of the header. It artistic, yet simple, and not too overpowering. The dark to light blue gradient of the background helps draw the eye from the artistic header to the content below.

The green contrast in the about box on the sidebar also helps to draw the viewers eye to your content. You obviously want readers to know what you are about, so having this up front and eye catching is a definite plus to the site. 

Download Snowglass Here.


Sometimes you want to show off your favorite color through your blog in a subtle manner, especially if you are a girl who loves pink. Pink can be an overwhelming color, and if you want your blog to appeal to more than just females, you need a theme that is only Pinkish.

Pinkish is a theme put out by Free CSS Templates. I like the subtle pink tint to the overall layout and the dark to light pink gradient at the top of the background. It is pink without being over the top. The green is a nice contrast color and prevents the pink from overpowering the theme.

The post style is concise and allows for a lot of content to be displayed in a small amount of space. The condensed post style gives your readers a taste of the content and can capture their interest by having more content up front.

Download Pinkish here.

The theme design of you site should portray something about your content and what you want the viewer to think about your company or yourself. If you want a site that is edgy and eye catching, then look no further than Theredcarpet.
Theredcarpet, a theme created by Free WordPress Themes, has a bright red background [...]

RC1 for the new version of WordPress was released today.  You can dowload it here.  If all goes well the full version will roll out this weekend!
Sorry for the short post, by the way; I’m travelling and will be back in later this afternoon, but this is too big to not talk about.

When trying to find the perfect theme for you, it is important to look for a theme that shows a bit of your personality. For those of you who may have more vibrant personality, LaLaLand is the theme for you.
LaLaLand, created by Design Blog, is a vibrant theme with a lot of sleek, [...]

WordPress designers gather a lot of plugins over the years.  Mostly they have one or two uses that make them worth having around, but occasionally a plugin comes along that a designer sticks in a folder to install every time WordPress gets deployed on a server.  While these plugins may not be new, they [...]