Give your Wordpress Website A Full Checkup in 3 easy Steps:

Step 1: Test for Overcrowding


A Reverse IP Domain Check will give us the information we need!

Head to to perform a Reverse IP Domain Check This will tell us how many websites are on the same IP. Enter your website name without the http://. If I was testing this website, I'd enter

The results are in

If you find more than 100 websites per IP with this test, you should consider new hosting! Wordpress based websites work their best with less than 100 websites per server.

Pay Careful Attention for a Red Warning Box for Adult content. Many hosts mix adult content themed websites with standard websites. Adult websites can negatively affect your websites reputation.  If you find adult content on the same ip, you should consider finding a new webhost!

Step 2: The proper way to test the speed of your Wordpress website:

The speed of your Wordpress site is extremely important.   Slow Wordpres sites will frustrate users as well as degrade your SEO Rankings.    Do not make the mistake of using Gtmetrix or Yslow to test a Wordpress based website.   Wordpress is coded in PHP and stores information in a Mysql database, Yslow and Gtmetrix do not test either of the two.   It's like testing the tires on a car to determine its horse power, it doesn't make sense. 

What's your response time?

Your response time is the time it takes from when a person enters your website to the time it takes your website to start rendering the content.   Head to and enter your website name to perform a speed test. When the test completes, the most important piece of information displayed is on the first line of the graph under the test box. This is your response time, if it's under 1/2 of a second or 500 miliseconds, you're doing pretty good. If it's between 500 miliseconds to 1 second, you're a little slow. If it's over 1 second, your website is very slow, and either your Wordpress site or host is very slow at processing MYSQL Queries. You should consider finding a new host.

  • < 1/2 Second

    No speed issues

  • 1/2 - 1

    A little slow

  • > 1 Second

    Very Slow, consider new hosting